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chamomile_tea annatto_powder_food_ingredient
Chamomile Tea Annatto

A plant that is best known for its ability to be made into a tea which is commonly used to help with sleep and is often served with either honey or lemon. Historically, it has been used to treat several conditions, like cardiovascular conditions, common cold, diarrhea, gastrointestinal conditions, vaginal, chicken pox, and many more.

*Sold in ½ pound and one pound bags.

Annatto is used both as a spice and a dyestuff. It may be better known Latinos as "achiote" or in the Philippines as "atsuwete" or "achuete". In the West it is used to color confectionery, butter, smoked fish and cheeses like Cheshire, Leicester, Edam and Muenster. As an effective natural coloring it is also used in cosmetics and textile manufacturing. It provides a bright and exotic appearance for many kinds of dishes.

*Sold in packages of 50lbs and 100lbs.

bath_sponges_shower pome_rocks_pallet_beauty_care
Bath Sponges Pome Rock and Pallets

Helps remove unwanted dirt, grime, bacteria and other unwanted visitors in the body.

*Sold by the dozen.

Natural of volcanic origin. Mostly used as a beauty product. Helps remove dead skin from your feet and other places of your body, plus other uses.

*Sold by the dozen.