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Terms and procedures can and do vary depending on the product. However, general rules do apply and they are listed below:


1) All documents MUST be issued on Buyer’s official letterhead with all company details, including address, email, telephone, company registration no, etc. and MUST be signed by accredited manager duly representing the company. Documents, which do not comply with these requirements, will be ignored as invalid.


2) Prices and terms are for elaboration but NOT for negotiation.


3) We DO NOT work to buyer's procedures.


4) Our offers are CIF ASWP​ or as mentioned otherwise. Some destinations require a surcharge and thus any non-ASWP pricing has to be confirmed.

*For futher explanation of the shipping term CIF, please refer to Incoterms 2010 by clicking here.


5) Our prices are based on real production and shipping costs. The only way for a buyer to reduce the cost of the product is to issue an SBLC (where applicable) that carries the value for additional months than the quantity requested, which is one month.


6) Proof of Product (POP) will be issued to the Buyer's Bank via MT799 after acceptance of the payment instrument.


7) We do not release past performances records, such as past SGS, past BLs, samples and/or photos. This is not only against the law, but a violation of prior seller and buyer agreements, as each agreement contains non-disclosure clauses. So, do not insist as any request for such records will be completely ignored.




9) Note to brokers/mandates/agents/intermediaries:

Before you ask us to quote the best SCO for your order, please make sure that your client, the end buyer, is real, capable of adhiring to our procedure and is financially capable of paying for the contract. This pre-screening shall be done by you, because out of over one hundred so called buyers we screen, only one or two have the financial capacity to purchase the product and we don't have the time to sort through additional uncapable buyers.


Please note:

Prices, terms and procedures are subject to change without notice.



Please visit each product's specific terms and procedures page, as they vary: